Read all about what all my wonderful students, clients and Henna Habiba's/Habibo's are saying about me and my work

Krunal Tailor | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

Fatima is an amazing, incredible, strong and artistic woman

Loved the design she did on me at the Henna Huddle conference. Despite having already done so many for the other attendees, she still did a little something for me to remember her by.

I learned so much from her classes during Huddle. The post pivotal moment was when we had the breakouts and I was the only one with her during the breakouts and got to really understand Fessi henna and learned in detail about authentic Fessi and 'Fessi Fusion'.

The teaching was very clear with relaying her ideas to the class. The structure of the classes were clean and simple to digest making it easy to follow along with what she was trying to teach. The class material was very informative and useful too as reference points. Key part which really made the resources useful was that some of the designs were color coded to show how it's constructed. This helps breaking down the design.

Fatima was not hesitant in answering questions or holding back information and was an open book wanting everyone to learn and take Fessi away with them. Fatima is an amazing, incredible, strong and artistic woman. I really don't have enough words to let you know how amazing she is as a person!

Krunal Tailor
- Krunal Tailor Henna Artist -

Fatima is one of the most renowned henna teachers in our community

Fatima creates both traditional and unique art work, which is flawless in style and application! Fatima takes her time, applies the henna with ease all while chit chatting and smiling and taking an interest in you as a human! Fatima is one of the most renowned henna teachers in our community. Her knowledge, excellent and passion for henna is evident, and even those who aren't sure if Moroccan henna is something they gravitate towards, will leave the class with a new joy! Fatima has a serious approach to henna education, while making you feel like a friend. She makes you laugh and smile, while encouraging you to embrace the ancient art form of henna. Fatima is Moroccan, so you are getting an authentic part of her journey and a little slice of her rich history, culture and traditions when you learn from her. Joey Anderson - Mehndika Joey Henna -

Joey Anderson | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Sabrine Mokhtari | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

She has her own signature style that you can recognize from miles away

I wanted to learn Fessi from someone that actually knew the Moroccan culture and could tell me more about the background. Normally I teach myself, but I wanted to have a solid base to start from and the information and examples of Moroccan henna online didn't seem trustworthy. 10/10 would recommend!

I participated in The Hand of Fatima Henna Academy after my good experience with the workshop about Fessi. My overall experience with the Hand of Fatima Henna Academy is positive. I've learned a lot and I also got to participate in different events to practice my henna skills under pressure (doing henna at home is a lot different than at an event). Everything was always well prepared.

Fatima is very (very, very, very) passionate about cultural heritage and female empowerment, but also about sharing. She knows how to transfer her enthusiasm and knowledge of the art of henna onto others and has become an inspiration to many people world wide. Because of her mixed Dutch and Moroccan heritage, she's become a bridge between two worlds.

She has dreams, but is not a dreamer. When she has new ideas she'll work hard to turn those dreams into reality. Fatima is creative and innovative. She's caring and is a fun person to be around. She teaches, inspires, laughs and shares, but what she doesn't do, is give up!

Sabrine Mokhtari
- Henna Hearts -

Everything she touches she adorns with meticulous perfection and intention

Fatima is such an amazing instructor. She was very well prepared and her take home material was such high quality. The information shared was very thoughtful and easy to refer back to. She was so generous and positive with her instruction. A couple months later I was struggling with filling my syringe. I reached out to Fatima and she got back to me. Sent me a few messages with instructions and a video. I was soon able to fill my syringe. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Fatima.

Fatima was generous enough to do henna on me and it will be an experience I will treasure forever. She is so kind and gentle. The design she chose to do was of an eye. Eyes have always had such special significance for me so it was quite amazing that that is what she chose to do. I loved it. And am grateful for that time.

I think the biggest things about Fatima is her gentle spirit. She is a extremely good teacher and through her research and desire for truth and authenticity she provides her students and clients with a wonderfully well rounded experience. Everything she touches she adorns with meticulous perfection and intention. Her laugh is contagious and her presence is simply soothing.

Tiffany Sugiyama-Bakrim
- TSB Artistry -

Tiffany Sugiyama-Bakrim | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Judith Sieraal | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

You were free to be who you are and this was also encouraged

I followed the 1 year course at the Hand of Fatima Henna Academy. In addition, I was lucky that a bonus year followed with deepening of the curriculum. What fun years these were!

I had no experience with using henna. I really had to start at point zero and get out of my comfort zone. Step by step Fatima offered lessons that brought me further and further into the henna world. This in terms of knowledge and skills. Assignments were adapted to our individual needs. You were free to be who you are and this was also encouraged. As a result, the development of my own style that suits me. In addition to the lessons, Fatima has also offered opportunities to gain experience during events. She has given me a good foundation that I can continue with.

I have experienced Fatima as a very enthusiastic, passionate and committed teacher who gives much more than is necessary. If she's going for something, she's really going for it. Her knowledge and passion is very great and she likes to transfer. I think Fatima has a pleasant and warm personality with a lot of humor. I have always experienced the lessons as fun and pleasant. She is there for you when needed. Then and now. I think Fatima is an asset to the henna world.

Judith Sieraal
- Judith SRL -

Fatima used every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means!

Drawing and designing is not something new for me. But when I saw that she created an academy, I immediately wanted to participate! But not for the same reasons as many others.

I really wanted to learn about the symbolism and the history. I, being a double blood myself, wanted to learn so much more about a part of my fathers heritage and my family's history ánd getting to be creative with it. I was so grateful that the expert on Moroccan Henna Art lived in my country so I could easily participate in her classes.

So there we were, a year long getting inspired, being challenged and having so much fun doing this and having wonderful women next to me also participating. Together we have formed a sisterhood that goes beyond anything I've ever felt. Our connection through henna art has been stimulated by Fatima by using every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means! And believe me, we felt it!

For me personally, this henna year has been a very good year in understanding more about myself, my heritage and knowing what I want in life. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ... but it was soooo worth it!!!

I encourage everyone to partake in one (no ... partake in all) of Fatima's classes, because you will NOT be disappointed. If you REALLY do your homework and eagerly listen to what Fatima has to say, you will not only be or become a professional henna artist, but you will grow mentally and spiritually. I recommend it with all my heart and soul! But know this, Fatima takes her work and passion very seriously, so don't come knocking if you want to make fast money or do not take yourself or your business seriously.

Jamila Ifzaren
- Amarin Henna Artist -

Jamila Ifzaren | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Karin Visser | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

Fatima has a special skill to take your hennafying to the next level

I participated in a workshop. It was fun and a lot of information. Yummy cupcakes and sweet tea made it a true day out. It convinced me to take The Academy because I fell positively in love with henna. Fatima is a good teacher. Serious but also fun loving.

Unfortunately the Henna Academy was sadly influenced by Corona, so we could not take our classes live. But Fatima did not falter and provided us with online lessons.
She encouraged us to stay on track and keep practicing, Corona or not. For me it was a journey back to myself, back to my creative self. In all stages Fatima proved patient and encouraging. We concluded this year with a AMAZING graduate day.
No rest for us Habiba's! I dearly hope for a second year!

Beware, sisters and brothers in Henna. Fatima has a special skill to take your hennafying to the next level. Do not say I did not warn you!!๐Ÿ˜Š

Karin Visser
- Uiltjes Henna Hart -

She is a huge concentrate of good vibes, that lifts you up as a tornado

Fatima is one of the most powerful, passionate, sensitive and hilarious women I have ever met, and I will be forever grateful to the Hungarian girls for choosing her as a teacher twice. She as an immense knowledge, great teaching skills, she affabulates her students and keeps their attention alive in every moment of the class.

Fatima teaches with her words, with her whole body, with her amazing eyes and with her jiggling laughter. Her hands are magic, as they are deeply connected with her soul and with the ancestors. My apologies if this seems a bit too much, but it is what it is. And the most lovely thing, to me, is that she is visibly emotional and moved when she finishes her classes, and says goodbye to her students. She makes them feel important to her like she is important for them. And seeing her so genuine and authentic, is the human plus that is not related to henna, but related to a truly moment of connection between people.

Fatima is power, color, symbols, laughter, tears, jokes, deep meanings. She is a huge concentrate of good vibes, that lifts you up as a tornado.

Erica Rossi
- Erica Mehndi -

Erica Rossi | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Rosana Araรบjo | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

Everything she touches she adorns with meticulous perfection and intention

We met personally at the East West Mehndi Meet in Hungary.

Fatima is a teacher with so much content, it seems infinite. I am impressed by her dedication and how much her knowledge is based on in-depth studies. She is a very attentive and caring teacher, but above all, I admire her passion for rescuing the ancient art and culture of henna, and propagating it through teaching. The best I learned from her was about the amazigh henna simbols and magics, but I wish to have much more classes with her, and continue to learn.

Rosana Araújo
- Rosana Mehandi -

She really stands for what she believes in and knows how to pass it on to her students

The Henna Academy 1.0 was absolute amazing!! Everything I could imagine I wanted to learn about Henna, I did learn! The lessons always were too short. I always got much confidence to do my homework afterwards. The Henna Academy graduation was set up at an extraordinary place with lots of wonderful surprises to make this day extra special.

The studio, is absolutely an amazing place! Lots of colour, Henna-related/Moroccan objects and very comfortable and feeling welcome. Her lovely righthand webshop manager Ilonka does a lot of "side-work" and does it in such a way you feel very welcome. Her tea's and lunches are wonderful! You can also buy all the Henna equipment you need right away. That's very handy.

Fatima is very energizing, creative, skilled, uplifting and understanding. Never in a rush to get through the stuff you need to learn. Her background makes that she really understands how to place Henna Art in the Dutch community. She's the best Henna coach/teacher/artist I can imagine. Her skills are outstanding, the way she teaches is so clear and I got all the information and backgrounds I wanted to know. You can feel that everything she does with Henna and people, gives her a lot of satisfaction. With her warmth everyone gets the attention they need and questions outside the lessons she always answers! So you never get stuck on the exercises.

She is the most colorful person (besides me ;-)) I know and she brings that all to life in her work and lessons. In that way for me she is a Henna goddess. She really stands for what she believes in and knows how to pass it on to her students. I think there is something that makes her special but what exactly that is….? I don't know. I just call it: Henna Charisma!

Thank you for your teachings, creativity, inspiration, bliss and power. I hope to see a lot of new inspirations on Henna from you in the future! God bless you.

Isabella Boon
- Henna Rebelle -

Isabella Boon | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Karin den Ouden | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

Fatima is a specialist and is famous, loved and sought after worldwide.

A new world has opened up for me through the lessons of Fatima. A special, beautiful and inspiring world: Henna. I am happy and grateful that Fatima was my teacher. It was not only about the lessons we've received on paper, but you will also be in Fatima's presence, who's content and expertise is outstanding and she delivers it in a warm and personal way.

The lessons have depth and personality. Besides learning and practicing the henna designs and techniques, you will learn so much more. History, background, meaning, origin, all types of henna, preparing and applying the henna, traditions and experiences of Fatima and your fellow students.

I was a novice among the more advanced henna artists, who were my fellow students. I felt insecure at first, but that was short-lived. Because it didn't matter at all. The warm welcome, the tasty snacks and drinks, the atmosphere that was invaluable. Fatima is a specialist and is famous, loved and sought after worldwide. Fatima also strictly monitored during our education that no copies were made and attention is paid to giving credit where credit is due.

If you want to be a professional henna artist or you are one, you will not be disappointed having Fatima as your teacher. She will teach you things you might have never thought about. Don't think her lessons are easy. She is a professional and expects that you are too. She makes it very clear that you are responsible for your own work. If you don't do the work, you will stay in the same place.

Dear Fatima, I want to thank you for everything you have taught me. I want to learn even more in henna art. And there is, as far as I am concerned, only one person who can do this and that is you.

Karin den Ouden
- - -

Any person is lucky to learn from Fatima

Fatima is a focused and organized instructor — I truly appreciate that. She covers a LOT of information in her classes, and she still manages to walk around the class and give individual feedback to her students. She speaks with knowledge and authority but she is sweet and approachable — she's a wonderful teacher!

I loved receiving henna from Fatima! Even at 2am at a busy conference, she was attentive and fun and created a unique and beautiful design for me. In spite of our exhaustion, she was still present and creative.

I love her spirit, her enthusiasm, and her originality — any person is lucky to learn from her or to receive henna from her!

Leah Reddell
- Face Fiësta/Denver Henna -

Leah Reddell | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Amirah Aleem | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

It was one of the best classes at the whole conference!

I took a few of the classes that she did at Henna Con about Fessi Henna designs. She went in to great detail about the history and the meanings of each element. It was one of the best classes at the whole conference! And Fatima is such a sweetheart and always made me feel welcome. Hopefully we cross paths again someday.

Amirah Aleem
- Beleza Artistica -

To meet her personally was a personal dream that came true

I met Fatima through our mutual henna passion. Fatima is a perfectionist. I adore her way of planning each detail. Fatima is born to teach.

I took a class at the Henna Dreams Weekend. To meet her personally was a personal dream that came true.

We hired her to teach the German henna group. Just a perfect experience. She is a amazing person and most talented. Don't have any doubts to hire her.

Soumia H.
- - -

Soumia H. | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Ivana ล varcovรก | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

I love her clear intention and the uncompromising respects for the art of her ancestors

She was teaching on the EastWest henna conference in Hungary and I was sooo looking forward to meet her there in person. During the conference I was lucky to get her henna on my hand. I was fascinated, how she worked with a syringe and could watch her for hours and hours. We have met for the first time and I had the feeling of knowing each other for years already. Love her warm, friendly approach.

On her lecture I finally got an insight into traditional Moroccan henna. I love her clear intention and the uncompromising respects for the art of her ancestors. I got precise information about fessi style, about the meaning of the symbols and the whole concept.

Than I invited her as a guest teacher in my online course and I am not far from the truth when I say, that my students fell in love with her!

Fatima is such a warm, loving and caring person. On the other hand uncompromising bearer of Moroccan henna tradition.

Ivana Švarcová
- Baba Jagua -

Her richness and generosity both of spirit and knowledge are so needed in the world

I met Fatima first online and then at HennaCon 2019. I was lucky enough to snag a spot for a design from Fatima at HennaCon. Though it was late in the evening of the first day of the Con, she took the time to give me a traditional Fessi design. She explained some of the more esoteric aspects of Fessi henna, including the tradition of adding some sort of "imperfection" to the design in order to avert the Evil Eye. Her personality shines through her artwork – exacting, beautiful and full of fortitude. The final piece reminded me of a gauntlet, and made me feel powerful and confident.

I attended almost all of the classes Fatima taught at HennaCon. "Fessi: the Heart of Moroccan Henna" and "Teggest Inspiration: Designs Inspired by North African Tattoo Art" were fascinating and wonderfully informative! Learning the history of the Moroccan region and how it has affected both the culture and art of the people living there, the mysticism and power connected to the wife of the sliversmith's tattoo designs, and the truly traditional forms of Fessi henna designs satisfied a longing I have had for quite some time.

"Symbolism of the Soul (The meanings of the symbols used in both Fatima's traditional and signature style patterns)" was a beautiful window into both Fatima's creative process, as well as a deeply meaningful, and at times soul-touching, exploration of our own views on symbolism, imagination, and self-identity. I was so very deeply moved by the end of this class, I had to find a quiet place to collect myself and think over what we had discussed in the class.

I eagerly anticipate Fatima's digital henna educational offerings!! Her richness and generosity both of spirit and knowledge are so needed in the world, and I personally look forward to being able to learn more from her about traditional and modern henna over the internet.

Nikki Rettman
- The Artful Cricket -

Nikki Rettman | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Michelle Ferrari | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

Watching her work was mesmerizing and inspiring

I attended each of Fatimas classes at Hennacon. The passion she has is infectious. She is funny, witty and truly supportive and encouraging. I left each class with such a deep respect for not only syringe Henna work, but for the symbolism, traditions And heritage that she has such love for.

I was so lucky to be Hennaed by Fatima. To say it was something I will cherish forever would not do it justice. From the intimate location she picked and the beautiful music she played, it was a meditative experience. Watching her work was mesmerizing and inspiring. She just flows with her beautiful syringe work. Fatima is truly love and light in human form.

Michelle Ferrari
- Henna Herbivore -

I feel very comfortable with her, which also improves the learning performance.

I started with the beginners course henna. An extensive course with all the ins and outs about Henna. Fatima makes you curious and eager to learn, so after two years I started doing the Henna Academy, which I certainly do not regret.

Fatima is a good teacher. She teaches you everything about Henna, but especially that little bit of extra. Fatima does not give up easily if he bites into something it will certainly turn out fine.

Quality, professional but above all a person of flesh and blood. I feel very comfortable with her, which also improves the learning performance. You are challenged in your own abilities. In short, I would definitely recommend Fatima as a teacher !!!

Dymphna Sturrus
- Just Dymph -

Dymphna Sturrus | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima
Rebecca van der Ploeg | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima

She has so much knowledge on Moroccan design

Fatima is a fabulous artist. She makes you feel good instantly. Kind hearted and her henna designs are amazing!

Fatima is a great teacher. She has so much knowledge on Moroccan design, more than anyone I know. She is very passionate and is an inspiration. I have learned so much from her. I have nothing but love โค

Rebecca van der Ploeg
- Becca Henna -

Watching her work was mesmerizing and inspiring

Fatima and I had our first contact on Instagram. I was then doing henna for about a year or so. I fell in love with Moroccan henna art, Fessi, but for me it was difficult to exactly know which designs really match up to the title Fessi.

On the whole Web there was more Mehndi art. One day Fatima made a comment and corrected me for posting 'fessi' henna designs that didn't were actually Fessi designs. I appreciated here comment. A little while after that I took one of her Fessi classes and I really loved it. The ambiance of the location, the course material, the cookies & tea and of of course Fatima herself. Who is a warm giving honest person.

We learned all the principles of Fessi henna, what is and what's not Fessi. 

After that we kept in touch and I also followed some courses from the Henna Academy. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to know the ins and outside of different henna styles! Fatima is ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ♥

Love -x-

Simone O'Neil
- Zimmza -

Simone O'Neil | Moroccan Henna Art by Hand of Fatima