Berber Brooche

Better known as tizerzit or tiseghnest, the silver fibulae worn by Timazighen (Berber women) is not only a famous piece of jewelry in Morocco, it is also used as a symbol in Henna Art. In this course you will learn about the meaning and it's significance.  Together we will draw different models.


What's the connection?

If you have started your Henna journey by using Moroccan Henna powder, I’m pretty sure you have seen an example of a teseghnest piece on the box of Moroccan Henna powder. What is the connection between this brooche and Henna powder? And why is it relevant to Henna Art?

What will I learn?

In this class you will learn everything I know about tizerzit. I will show you an authentic antique silver pair to inspire you.  I will inform you about the cultural background, meanings and its significance in Moroccan Culture. You will learn different ways to cooperate this piece of jewelry in a Henna Design.

Berber Brooche

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Create your own TeseghnesT-shirt! This might be my favorite Free Bonus that I have created so far and I wouldn't be suprised if it will be your fave too. The teseghnest pieces are digitally drawn by me and will be available for you as a PDF download. I will guide you throughout the whole process on how to print it and transfer it to a tshirt (that you have to provide for yourself). I tell you what you need exactly  and I will  teach you, step by step, how to make this t-shirt for yourself.
100% Hand of Fatima approved !

What to expect and understand?

This class is twofold, on the one hand I focus on cultural background and significance. This is the theoretical part. On the other hand the exercises and examples of the corresponding Henna designs are very practical and easy to apply in your own work.

How will you feel after this class?

Your experience with me will be enriching on different levels. Your knowledge of the subject will grow while your creativity and inspiration get fueled.
You will feel confident to apply what you have learned in your own work and It's a great addition to offer those new designs to your clients.

How to make the most out of this class?

Make sure to take notes while watching my video's. This helps you understand better.

Be prepared, have hennapaste and syringe or hennacone ready to draw along during the demo video’s.

Once you have finished the example designs, you might feel inspired to create more of them. I encourage you to do so and practise them as much as you can.

Berber Brooche

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

What will I receive

  • Presentation on theory in video
  • Demo video's
  • PDF files with examples
  • Free bonus "How to make a TeseghnesT-shirt?"


Is this class for me?

My classes are usually suitable for all levels, it goes the same for this one. But for this one it is important to understand that in this class I don't cover any basics. You need to be able to make your own hennapaste, use a cone or syringe and know how to draw with them.
Even though I set this class up for fellow henna artists, it is possible to participate while you draw with pencils or pen. In that way  regard this as an art design class.

  • Have you always wondered about the meaning and origins of the teseghnest jewelry?
  • How it is related to Henna Art and Moroccan Culture?
  • Why can we find it incorperated in Moroccan Henna designs sometimes?
  • How to create Teseghnest inspired Henna designs?  

If you are as fascinated as I am about this subject I eagerly welcome you to join me. This class is most definitely for you!

Berber Brooche

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

I'm your teacher

Salam! My name is Fatima Oulad Thami and I am often asked: why did you choose to do henna? But that is not how I see it. I did not choose to do henna, henna chose me. I am merely the instrument, the window, the bridge, medium, whatever you wish to call it, through which the story of Henna Art may be told.  Henna is magical. Once it has touched your heart, it digs itself into your soul and will not let you go. The passion for this ancestral art became my way of life.

Why would you learn from me?

Moroccan Henna culture is not only my expertise but also my deepest passion. I have been running my Henna business professionally for 20 + years. In addition to the henna services I offer, I also run a Henna supplies webshop and a Henna academy. I have been asked to teach at the most prominent henna conferences worldwide. I have inspired thousands of women so far to embrace the Moroccan Henna style and acknowledge its value. Now it’s your turn to embrace this meaningful authentic beauty ritual and experience how it will change your life.

Hand of Fatima @ Henna Huddle - Photo by Danielle Segui

National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible heritage includes a.o. practices, knowledge and skills that express cultural identity and diversity. I actively propagate and safeguard the practition of Moroccan Henna Art and therefor I ‘m an ambassador of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Henna Art was added to the National Inventory of Intangible and Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands due to my safeguarding plans. This Inventory charts Intangible Heritage and helps communities and artisans to safeguard their traditions and preserve them for future generations.
The compilation of the National Inventory is one of the obligations the Netherlands undertook to fulfill when the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified.

Berber Brooche

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

Happy Henna Habiba's

She is a huge concentrate of good vibes, that lifts you up as a tornado.

Fatima is one of the most powerful, passionate, sensitive and hilarious women I have ever met, and I will be forever grateful to the Hungarian girls for choosing her as a teacher twice. She as an immense knowledge, great teaching skills, she affabulates her students and keeps their attention alive in every moment of the class.

Fatima teaches with her words, with her whole body, with her amazing eyes and with her jiggling laughter. Her hands are magic, as they are deeply connected with her soul and with the ancestors. My apologies if this seems a bit too much, but it is what it is. And the most lovely thing, to me, is that she is visibly emotional and moved when she finishes her classes, and says goodbye to her students. She makes them feel important to her like she is important for them. And seeing her so genuine and authentic, is the human plus that is not related to henna, but related to a truly moment of connection between people.

Fatima is power, color, symbols, laughter, tears, jokes, deep meanings. She is a huge concentrate of good vibes, that lifts you up as a tornado.

Erica Rossi
- Erica Mehndi -

Fatima used every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means!

Drawing and designing is not something new for me. But when I saw that she created an academy, I immediately wanted to participate! But not for the same reasons as many others.

I really wanted to learn about the symbolism and the history. I, being a double blood myself, wanted to learn so much more about a part of my fathers heritage and my family's history ánd getting to be creative with it. I was so grateful that the expert on Moroccan Henna Art lived in my country so I could easily participate in her classes.

So there we were, a year long getting inspired, being challenged and having so much fun doing this and having wonderful women next to me also participating. Together we have formed a sisterhood that goes beyond anything I've ever felt. Our connection through henna art has been stimulated by Fatima by using every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means! And believe me, we felt it!

For me personally, this henna year has been a very good year in understanding more about myself, my heritage and knowing what I want in life. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ... but it was soooo worth it!!!

I encourage everyone to partake in one (no ... partake in all) of Fatima's classes, because you will NOT be disappointed. If you REALLY do your homework and eagerly listen to what Fatima has to say, you will not only be or become a professional henna artist, but you will grow mentally and spiritually. I recommend it with all my heart and soul! But know this, Fatima takes her work and passion very seriously, so don't come knocking if you want to make fast money or do not take yourself or your business seriously.

Jamila Ifzaren
- Amarin Henna Artist -

Fatima is a specialist and is famous, loved and sought after worldwide.

A new world has opened up for me through the lessons of Fatima. A special, beautiful and inspiring world: Henna. I am happy and grateful that Fatima was my teacher. It was not only about the lessons we've received on paper, but you will also be in Fatima's presence, who's content and expertise is outstanding and she delivers it in a warm and personal way.

The lessons have depth and personality. Besides learning and practicing the henna designs and techniques, you will learn so much more. History, background, meaning, origin, all types of henna, preparing and applying the henna, traditions and experiences of Fatima and your fellow students.

I was a novice among the more advanced henna artists, who were my fellow students. I felt insecure at first, but that was short-lived. Because it didn't matter at all. The warm welcome, the tasty snacks and drinks, the atmosphere that was invaluable. Fatima is a specialist and is famous, loved and sought after worldwide. Fatima also strictly monitored during our education that no copies were made and attention is paid to giving credit where credit is due.

If you want to be a professional henna artist or you are one, you will not be disappointed having Fatima as your teacher. She will teach you things you might have never thought about. Don't think her lessons are easy. She is a professional and expects that you are too. She makes it very clear that you are responsible for your own work. If you don't do the work, you will stay in the same place.

Dear Fatima, I want to thank you for everything you have taught me. I want to learn even more in henna art. And there is, as far as I am concerned, only one person who can do this and that is you.

Karin den Ouden
- - -

Berber Brooche

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount