Serious Syringe Workout

Learn how the henna syringe works. The tool Moroccan Neqachet (henna artists) are famous for. Learn the differences between the glass ones and the plastic ones, learn the right grip, how to fill it and how to clean it. Learn how to control the flow and pressure and you are good to go.


Syringe makes me cringe

If you've ever seen Moroccan Henna artists slinging their hennapaste smoothly out of their significant tool, you know it is mesmerizing to watch. But the magic abruptly turns into frustration when you try to use a syringe by yourself.
If you have ever tried  the syringe yourself chances are these experiences apply to you:

  • Paste that just keeps on running uncontrollably.
  • Air that comes out under pressure and smashes your lines
  • Your grip is so tight it makes your joints hurt

Let me tell you it is all possible to control that. Under my personal guidance I will show you how it is supposed to be done. You will learn how to master the syringe. Bring back the magic and you will be mesmerized how good it feels to hold a henna syringe with confidence.

What do I learn ?

In this class I explain to you the differences, the pro’s and con’s of both plastic en glass syringes. You will learn how to fill the syringe properly to prevent air bubbles sneaking in. Furthermore you learn to get your grip right and how to control the correct amount of pressure. I will also show you the cleaning process of the syringe. This course is filled with background information on this authentic Moroccan technique and also quickly to understand instructions and easy to apply exercises, tips and tricks that make all the difference.

Serious Syringe Workout

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount


By using the syringe, your hand and fingers will be in a position that is unlike any other position you are used to and your muscles might need some time to adjust. To help this proces go smoothly, you will receive a free massage routine that you can do by yourself. The routine, developed with Henna syringe artists in mind in particular, is demonstrated by my friend who is an accredited massage therapist.
After intensive training your hand deserves some pampering!

What to expect and understand?

Under my guidance, the Moroccan Syringe technique won’t be a secret to you any longer. On the contrary, actually, you will receive all the input you need to learn to master it. My 20 years of experience packed in easy to follow tips and tricks.  Become a Syringe Master like a Moroccan Neqacha.

Environmental friendly tool!

After this class, you will be very well informed  about this specific technique.  You will feel confident to start working with this environment friendly tool. You can refill it every time, even on the go. A glass syringe lasts for years (unless you drop it….it can BREAK) Cello cones on the other hand are thrown away when they run out.

Master the syringe like a pro

To become a Syringe Master I provide you with all the theory you need and on top of that I share usefull hands-on tips and tricks that are shortcuts to better results much faster than when you are figuring out everything on your own. After this class you need practice hours. How much depends on the talent that already exists in you. I advise you to take the "Henna Drills before Henna Thrills" course as well to make sure you are provided with practise hours filled with exercises on how to draw particular patterns.

Serious Syringe Workout

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

What will I receive?

  • Instructional video’s on the technique that is required to master a hennasyringe
  • Pdf file with theoratical description on technique and comparison between glass and plastic hennasyringes
  • Pdf file with important do's and don'ts and tips and tricks to increase the durability of your syringe
  • Instructional video on special handmassage routine
  • Plastic and/or glass henna syringe is not included and need to be purchased by you. Check my shop if you can't find it in your area.


Is this class for me? 

My classes are suitable for all levels unless mentioned otherwise.
That being said there are some conditions that I hold up to garantee a succesful achievement. 

This class is for you if:

  • you have a strong desire to learn how the Moroccan Henna syringe works?
  • you are willing to commit yourself to practise in order to master the technique. 
  • you make time to get the the most out of this course
  • you are serious about your (Henna) Art and where you want to take it.
  • you are open to feedback and willing to grow

Serious Syringe Workout

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

I'm your teacher

Salam! My name is Fatima Oulad Thami and I am often asked: why did you choose to do henna? But that is not how I see it. I did not choose to do henna, henna chose me. I am merely the instrument, the window, the bridge, medium, whatever you wish to call it, through which the story of Henna Art may be told.  Henna is magical. Once it has touched your heart, it digs itself into your soul and will not let you go. The passion for this ancestral art became my way of life.

Why learn from me?

Moroccan Henna culture is not only my expertise but also my deepest passion. I have been running my Henna business professionally for 20 + years. In addition to the henna services I offer, I also run a Henna supplies webshop and a Henna academy. I have been asked to teach at the most prominent henna conferences worldwide. I have inspired thousands of women so far to embrace the Moroccan Henna style and acknowledge its value. Now it’s your turn to embrace this meaningful authentic beauty ritual and experience how it will change your life.

Hand of Fatima @ Henna Huddle - Photo by Danielle Segui

National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible heritage includes a.o. practices, knowledge and skills that express cultural identity and diversity. I actively propagate and safeguard the practition of Moroccan Henna Art and therefor I ‘m an ambassador of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Henna Art was added to the National Inventory of Intangible and Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands due to my safeguarding plans. This Inventory charts Intangible Heritage and helps communities and artisans to safeguard their traditions and preserve them for future generations.
The compilation of the National Inventory is one of the obligations the Netherlands undertook to fulfill when the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified.

Serious Syringe Workout

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

Happy Henna Habiba's

Fatima has a special skill to take your hennafying to the next level.

I participated in a workshop. It was fun and a lot of information. Yummy cupcakes and sweet tea made it a true day out. It convinced me to take The Academy because I fell positively in love with henna. Fatima is a good teacher. Serious but also fun loving.

Unfortunately the Henna Academy was sadly influenced by Corona, so we could not take our classes live. But Fatima did not falter and provided us with online lessons.
She encouraged us to stay on track and keep practicing, Corona or not. For me it was a journey back to myself, back to my creative self. In all stages Fatima proved patient and encouraging. We concluded this year with a AMAZING graduate day.
No rest for us Habiba's! I dearly hope for a second year!

Beware, sisters and brothers in Henna. Fatima has a special skill to take your hennafying to the next level. Do not say I did not warn you!!šŸ˜Š

Karin Visser
- Uiltjes Henna Hart -

I love her clear intention and the uncompromising respects for the art of her ancestors

She was teaching on the EastWest henna conference in Hungary and I was sooo looking forward to meet her there in person. During the conference I was lucky to get her henna on my hand. I was fascinated, how she worked with a syringe and could watch her for hours and hours. We have met for the first time and I had the feeling of knowing each other for years already. Love her warm, friendly approach.

On her lecture I finally got an insight into traditional Moroccan henna. I love her clear intention and the uncompromising respects for the art of her ancestors. I got precise information about fessi style, about the meaning of the symbols and the whole concept.

Than I invited her as a guest teacher in my online course and I am not far from the truth when I say, that my students fell in love with her!

Fatima is such a warm, loving and caring person. On the other hand uncompromising bearer of Moroccan henna tradition.

Ivana Švarcová
- Baba Jagua -

Her richness and generosity both of spirit and knowledge are so needed in the world

I met Fatima first online and then at HennaCon 2019. I was lucky enough to snag a spot for a design from Fatima at HennaCon. Though it was late in the evening of the first day of the Con, she took the time to give me a traditional Fessi design. She explained some of the more esoteric aspects of Fessi henna, including the tradition of adding some sort of "imperfection" to the design in order to avert the Evil Eye. Her personality shines through her artwork – exacting, beautiful and full of fortitude. The final piece reminded me of a gauntlet, and made me feel powerful and confident.

I attended almost all of the classes Fatima taught at HennaCon. "Fessi: the Heart of Moroccan Henna" and "Teggest Inspiration: Designs Inspired by North African Tattoo Art" were fascinating and wonderfully informative! Learning the history of the Moroccan region and how it has affected both the culture and art of the people living there, the mysticism and power connected to the wife of the sliversmith's tattoo designs, and the truly traditional forms of Fessi henna designs satisfied a longing I have had for quite some time.

"Symbolism of the Soul (The meanings of the symbols used in both Fatima's traditional and signature style patterns)" was a beautiful window into both Fatima's creative process, as well as a deeply meaningful, and at times soul-touching, exploration of our own views on symbolism, imagination, and self-identity. I was so very deeply moved by the end of this class, I had to find a quiet place to collect myself and think over what we had discussed in the class.

I eagerly anticipate Fatima's digital henna educational offerings!! Her richness and generosity both of spirit and knowledge are so needed in the world, and I personally look forward to being able to learn more from her about traditional and modern henna over the internet.

Nikki Rettman
- The Artful Cricket -

Serious Syringe Workout

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount