Celebration of Sisterhood

According to Moroccan traditions Henna (art) is part of all kinds of celebrations. The most well known is of course is marriage rituals. But you don't have to get married to get a Henna Party! In this class I will show you what a Moroccan (henna) party is like.  I focus on different rituals and meanings and how you can incooperate them in your celebrations. Forget all those so called "Moroccan theme parties" which are more often than not a false represenation or even a white interpretation of our culture. (think of bellydancers and sisha) Here I show you the real deal and I inspire you to organise a Moroccan Henna party for you and your family and friens. Let's get the Haflah started! 


Sisters and spirituality

While in the Western world female celebrations have been vanished, in Moroccan culture it is a living heritage. You will feel literally that your sister have your back by the things you do together out of the sight of men. It awakens a stenghth in you that you may not have been aware of before.

According to Moroccan tradition Henna contains Baraka. The best way to translate that is spiritual blessings.
Our bodies and souls are worth celebrating and while Henna adorns our bodies it transmits those spiritual blessings to our soul.

What will I learn?

In this class you will learn how to organise a Moroccan Henna Party whatever the occasion might be. From the appropriate Henna Party designs to all the extra details when it comes to decoration on the party table. I will explain thouroughly how things are done traditionally and why and how you can merge that into your celebrations. We look at the empowering and spiritual aspects  of female celebration and translate that to our everyday life.

Celebration of Sisterhood

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount


As a free bonus I will not only show you how to make Henna party favors, that are traditionally handed out to the guests when the party is coming to an end but also tell you the significance of this ritual. 

What to expect and understand

After this class you will have knowledge on the how's and why's of Moroccan Henna Parties.
You will not only learn how to make Moroccan Henna party designs but also learn about all the extra's when it comes to hospitality, rituals and table decoration.  You will experience the Henna art that you love so much in its full context.

How you will feel after this class

As we dive into the (spiritual) world of women you will feel enriched, supported and empowered by learning the context and significance of henna art during women celebrations.

How to achieve our goals

In my video's I take you with me into my world. My approach is always personal and enthusiastic. I will guide you through all the different topics and subjects. Your success is my success.

Celebration of Sisterhood

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

What will I receive

  • Instructional and demonstrative video’s
  • Pdf file with example party designs
  • Video instruction on how to make Henna favors as a Free bonus
  • okay okay, I know what happened, your mouth started watering when you saw the cookies.....I will add a recipe and instructions to make some Moroccan 7aloua


Is this class for me?

For this class you need to have some Henna experience.
You need to know:

  • how to make a natural hennapaste
  • how to do a proper aftercare
  • you need to be able to work with an applicator of your choice.

If you tick all these boxes, and you love to learn more about the cultural context of Moroccan Henna Art and its heritage this class is definitely for you!!! 

Celebration of Sisterhood

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

I'm your teacher

Salam! My name is Fatima Oulad Thami and I am often asked: why did you choose to do henna? But that is not how I see it. I did not choose to do henna, henna chose me. I am merely the instrument, the window, the bridge, medium, whatever you wish to call it, through which the story of Henna Art may be told.  Henna is magical. Once it has touched your heart, it digs itself into your soul and will not let you go. The passion for this ancestral art became my way of life.

Why would you learn from me

Moroccan Henna culture is not only my expertise but also my deepest passion. I have been running my Henna business professionally for 20 + years. In addition to the henna services I offer, I also run a Henna supplies webshop and a Henna academy. I have been asked to teach at the most prominent henna conferences worldwide. I have inspired thousands of women so far to embrace the Moroccan Henna style and acknowledge its value. Now it’s your turn to embrace this meaningful authentic beauty ritual and experience how it will change your life.

Hand of Fatima @ Henna Huddle - Photo by Danielle Segui

National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible heritage includes a.o. practices, knowledge and skills that express cultural identity and diversity. I actively propagate and safeguard the practition of Moroccan Henna Art and therefor I ‘m an ambassador of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Henna Art was added to the National Inventory of Intangible and Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands due to my safeguarding plans. This Inventory charts Intangible Heritage and helps communities and artisans to safeguard their traditions and preserve them for future generations.
The compilation of the National Inventory is one of the obligations the Netherlands undertook to fulfill when the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified.

Celebration of Sisterhood

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

Happy Henna Habiba's

She really stands for what she believes in and knows how to pass it on to her students.

The Henna Academy 1.0 was absolute amazing!! Everything I could imagine I wanted to learn about Henna, I did learn! The lessons always were too short. I always got much confidence to do my homework afterwards. The Henna Academy graduation was set up at an extraordinary place with lots of wonderful surprises to make this day extra special.

The studio, is absolutely an amazing place! Lots of colour, Henna-related/Moroccan objects and very comfortable and feeling welcome. Her lovely righthand webshop manager Ilonka does a lot of "side-work" and does it in such a way you feel very welcome. Her tea's and lunches are wonderful! You can also buy all the Henna equipment you need right away. That's very handy.

Fatima is very energizing, creative, skilled, uplifting and understanding. Never in a rush to get through the stuff you need to learn. Her background makes that she really understands how to place Henna Art in the Dutch community. She's the best Henna coach/teacher/artist I can imagine. Her skills are outstanding, the way she teaches is so clear and I got all the information and backgrounds I wanted to know. You can feel that everything she does with Henna and people, gives her a lot of satisfaction. With her warmth everyone gets the attention they need and questions outside the lessons she always answers! So you never get stuck on the exercises.

She is the most colorful person (besides me ;-)) I know and she brings that all to life in her work and lessons. In that way for me she is a Henna goddess. She really stands for what she believes in and knows how to pass it on to her students. I think there is something that makes her special but what exactly that is….? I don't know. I just call it: Henna Charisma!

Thank you for your teachings, creativity, inspiration, bliss and power. I hope to see a lot of new inspirations on Henna from you in the future! God bless you.

Isabella Boon
- Henna Rebelle -

Fatima used every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means!

Drawing and designing is not something new for me. But when I saw that she created an academy, I immediately wanted to participate! But not for the same reasons as many others.

I really wanted to learn about the symbolism and the history. I, being a double blood myself, wanted to learn so much more about a part of my fathers heritage and my family's history ánd getting to be creative with it. I was so grateful that the expert on Moroccan Henna Art lived in my country so I could easily participate in her classes.

So there we were, a year long getting inspired, being challenged and having so much fun doing this and having wonderful women next to me also participating. Together we have formed a sisterhood that goes beyond anything I've ever felt. Our connection through henna art has been stimulated by Fatima by using every fiber of her being to make sure that we understood what real henna art means! And believe me, we felt it!

For me personally, this henna year has been a very good year in understanding more about myself, my heritage and knowing what I want in life. It has been an emotional rollercoaster ... but it was soooo worth it!!!

I encourage everyone to partake in one (no ... partake in all) of Fatima's classes, because you will NOT be disappointed. If you REALLY do your homework and eagerly listen to what Fatima has to say, you will not only be or become a professional henna artist, but you will grow mentally and spiritually. I recommend it with all my heart and soul! But know this, Fatima takes her work and passion very seriously, so don't come knocking if you want to make fast money or do not take yourself or your business seriously.

Jamila Ifzaren
- Amarin Henna Artist -

I feel very comfortable with her, which also improves the learning performance.

I started with the beginners course henna. An extensive course with all the ins and outs about Henna. Fatima makes you curious and eager to learn, so after two years I started doing the Henna Academy, which I certainly do not regret.

Fatima is a good teacher. She teaches you everything about Henna, but especially that little bit of extra. Fatima does not give up easily if he bites into something it will certainly turn out fine.

Quality, professional but above all a person of flesh and blood. I feel very comfortable with her, which also improves the learning performance. You are challenged in your own abilities. In short, I would definitely recommend Fatima as a teacher !!!

Dymphna Sturrus
- Just Dymph -

Celebration of Sisterhood

ONLY € 75

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount