Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

Moroccan neqachet (henna artists) are famous for their flow. They can maintain a high speed while they work because every individual pattern is drawn in a certain way that contributes to the flow.  In this class I zoom in on the technique behind each motif individually. You will learn exactly how to draw (with a syringe) the typical dot-lines patterns and elements that are present in Moroccan Fessi Henna style. And we keep on repeating until you can execute them while maintaining their distinctive look.


From drills to thrills

Seeing Moroccan henna designs on photo's doesn't give you any kind of information on how those patterns are drawn. It leaves  a lot of space for interpretation and questioning. I'm here to fill that gap and to demonstrate how it is done.
We will focus on every pattern and every element individually and I will show you the technique behind it. Once you master how to draw them, the technique will be anchored in your muscle memory. You will not only benefit from this advantage when taking any future course on Moroccan Henna Art, you will also approach your clients hands with more confidence. Simply because it allows you to focus on the building aspects.

What will I learn?

We zoom in on each pattern, line, motif and figure individually. I teach you how they are drawn exactly traditionally. This is very important. Because when they are drawn in another way they might lose their authentic features.

Some examples of the things you will learn:

  • drape straight lines like a pro
  • wrist movements to create zigzag's smoothly
  • push and flow technique to create typical line dot figures
  • pressure control for a consistent overal look
  • 1 move to do 2 sides of a pattern

Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount


As a I told you in the video this class is quite dry and at some point even boring. But drilling all these techniques in your system will give you so much benefits or advantages in your next steps in your henna journey.
As a free bonus I made you something that will keep you motivated to fulfill all your excersises.  Download the Henna Happiness files and make yourself a jar filled with motivational quotes. Every time you want to give up, you take one out!

What to expect and understand

When you finish this class you know exactly how each individual element that exists in Moroccan henna style is supposed to be drawn. You can execute them, according to the way of the neqachet in Morocco and by doing so you maintain their distinctive look.  

How will you feel after this class?

Practise doesn’t necessarily make perfect but it definitely makes progress. By fulfilling all the drill exercises you can look back and see your progress. You will feel so much more confident when you see where you’re coming from and what you have achieved so far! 

How to make the most of your practise?

The title says it all. Drawing Drills. To master the way the individual motifs are drawn and maintain their distinctive look you need to practice, practice and practice. This technical class comes with sheets of practical exercises and challenges. I will make sure to provide you with all the instructions you need and also keep you motivated at the same time. We do this together! 

Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

What will I receive

  • Instructional video’s on the drawing technique behind each motif and pattern individually
  • PDF sheets with exercises
  • PDF files to make your own Henna Hapiness Jar


Is this class for me?

Please keep in mind this is NOT a design building class! In this class we focus on how each pattern individually is drawn. If you want to learn how to build Moroccan Henna designs I suggest you take my Fessi class after this class.

My classes are suitable for all levels unless mentioned otherwise. That being said there are some conditions that I hold up to garantee a succesful achievement. 

This class is for you if:

  • you are determined to learn how Moroccan patterns are drawn (with a syringe)
  • you are willing to work and spend time on your practises
  • you are open to feedback and willing to grow
  • you want to be well equipped before you start taking my Fessi class.

Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount


Salam! My name is Fatima Oulad Thami and I am often asked: why did you choose to do henna? But that is not how I see it. I did not choose to do henna, henna chose me. I am merely the instrument, the window, the bridge, medium, whatever you wish to call it, through which the story of Henna Art may be told.  Henna is magical. Once it has touched your heart, it digs itself into your soul and will not let you go. The passion for this ancestral art became my way of life.

Why would you learn from me

Moroccan Henna culture is not only my expertise but also my deepest passion. I have been running my Henna business professionally for 20 + years. In addition to the henna services I offer, I also run a Henna supplies webshop and a Henna academy. I have been asked to teach at the most prominent henna conferences worldwide. I have inspired thousands of women so far to embrace the Moroccan Henna style and acknowledge its value. Now it’s your turn to embrace this meaningful authentic beauty ritual and experience how it will change your life.

Hand of Fatima @ Henna Huddle - Photo by Danielle Segui

National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Intangible heritage includes a.o. practices, knowledge and skills that express cultural identity and diversity. I actively propagate and safeguard the practition of Moroccan Henna Art and therefor I ‘m an ambassador of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Henna Art was added to the National Inventory of Intangible and Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands due to my safeguarding plans. This Inventory charts Intangible Heritage and helps communities and artisans to safeguard their traditions and preserve them for future generations.
The compilation of the National Inventory is one of the obligations the Netherlands undertook to fulfill when the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified.

Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount

Happy Henna Habiba's

You were free to be who you are and this was also encouraged.

I followed the 1 year course at the Hand of Fatima Henna Academy. In addition, I was lucky that a bonus year followed with deepening of the curriculum. What fun years these were!

I had no experience with using henna. I really had to start at point zero and get out of my comfort zone. Step by step Fatima offered lessons that brought me further and further into the henna world. This in terms of knowledge and skills. Assignments were adapted to our individual needs. You were free to be who you are and this was also encouraged. As a result, the development of my own style that suits me. In addition to the lessons, Fatima has also offered opportunities to gain experience during events. She has given me a good foundation that I can continue with.

I have experienced Fatima as a very enthusiastic, passionate and committed teacher who gives much more than is necessary. If she's going for something, she's really going for it. Her knowledge and passion is very great and she likes to transfer. I think Fatima has a pleasant and warm personality with a lot of humor. I have always experienced the lessons as fun and pleasant. She is there for you when needed. Then and now. I think Fatima is an asset to the henna world.

Judith Sieraal
- Judith SRL -

It was one of the best classes at the whole conference!

I took a few of the classes that she did at Henna Con about Fessi Henna designs. She went in to great detail about the history and the meanings of each element. It was one of the best classes at the whole conference! And Fatima is such a sweetheart and always made me feel welcome. Hopefully we cross paths again someday.

Amirah Aleem
- Beleza Artistica -

Watching her work was mesmerizing and inspiring

Fatima and I had our first contact on Instagram. I was then doing henna for about a year or so. I fell in love with Moroccan henna art, Fessi, but for me it was difficult to exactly know which designs really match up to the title Fessi.

On the whole Web there was more Mehndi art. One day Fatima made a comment and corrected me for posting 'fessi' henna designs that didn't were actually Fessi designs. I appreciated here comment. A little while after that I took one of her Fessi classes and I really loved it. The ambiance of the location, the course material, the cookies & tea and of of course Fatima herself. Who is a warm giving honest person.

We learned all the principles of Fessi henna, what is and what's not Fessi. 

After that we kept in touch and I also followed some courses from the Henna Academy. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to know the ins and outside of different henna styles! Fatima is šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ‘šŸ½♥

Love -x-

Simone O'Neil
- Zimmza -

Henna Drills before Henna Thrills

ONLY € 50

No, I want to take ALL 8 MASTERCLASSES with a 100 euro discount