Free Webinar:
Do you have the H-Factor?

Moroccan Henna Culture covers so much more than the ability to draw a technically flawless Henna design. The richness and multiple depths that exist in Henna Art in Morocco consists of different values and principles. When combined together you get all the ingredients you need to develop the H-factor in you. That inexplicable radiance and invisible extra skill set that initially doesn't seem to have anything to do with Henna art but at the same time makes a henna artist stand out from others.
This webinar will inspire us to enlighten that H-factor in ourselves.
Join me on this journey and get ready to feel enriched and empowered.

Henna as Spiritual Support

Last couple of years I've been noticing that the focus in our Henna Community is mainly on how technically well designs are executed. Not to downplay or underestimate this aspect, but while growing up I learnt that in Moroccan Henna Culture there is much more to it. For example: Henna is used as a spiritual support during certain transistions in life.
Now that we have experienced challenging times due to this worldwide pandemic, it seemed like a perfect plan to me to honor these old traditions and apply them in a way that will suit our needs in modern times.

What will be covered?

Here's what I'll be covering in the webinar:

  • The different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture
  • Why they are relevant to us Henna Artists
  • Why they help us developing our H-factor
  • Focus on some aspects of these principles
  • Practice a Henna design under my guidance based on this knowledge


I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture


What to expect and understand

In this Free Webinar I will take you through the principles and values that are present in Moroccan Henna Culture, but we can't focus on all at the same time. We take it chweya b chweya, one step at the time.
For you it will definitely be a step towards new dimensions in your Henna Journey.

How you will feel after this class


Moroccan Henna Culture is my deepest passion and that is not without a reason. You too will be touched by its richness on a soul level. This Free Webinar doesn't leave your heart untouched. 
You will feel empowered and inspired to take your Henna Journey to a more spiritual level.

How to enjoy the FREE webinar to the fullest?

Due to this global pandemic, we all have struggled with the lack of true connections. Wether related to our work as Henna artists or just in private setttings? 

Well I can tell you, I did, too! 

That's why I decided to set up a free webinar wich allows me to welcome you in my world. And even though it takes place online, I will do whatever lies in my power to make it as personal as I can.


I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture


What will I receive?

Acces to Free Live Webinar on Zoom
Live Q & A

Pdf file with some patterns for inspiration

Pdf file with template to draw on with Henna paste.



I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture


Is this Free Webinar for me?

"Do you have the H factor" has been developed and formulated by me especially for Henna Artists regardless of their technical level. This Webinar does not focus on techniques but on the many other principles that are present in Moroccan Henna Culture. If you are interested in how Henna Art is practiced in a country of origin or by its people in the diaspora then this Free Webinar is for you. 

For me Henna Art is about sincere connection on a soul level. In Henna Art the experience is the goal and not the design on the contrary. Do you want to push your Henna journey into the direction of soulful intentions with the right amount of fresh inspiration? I welcome you to join me because this Free Webinar is perfect for you!

I'm your teacher

Salam! My name is Fatima Oulad Thami and I am often asked: why did you choose to do henna? But that is not how I see it. I did not choose to do henna, henna chose me. I am merely the instrument, the window, the bridge, medium, whatever you wish to call it, through which the story of Henna Art may be told.  Henna is magical. Once it has touched your heart, it digs itself into your soul and will not let you go. The passion for this ancestral art became my way of life.

Why would you learn from me

Moroccan Henna culture is not only my expertise but also my deepest passion. I have been running my Henna business professionally for 20 + years. In addition to the henna services I offer, I also run a Henna supplies webshop and a Henna academy. I have been asked to teach at the most prominent henna conferences worldwide. I have inspired thousands of women so far to embrace the Moroccan Henna style and acknowledge its value. Now it’s your turn to embrace this meaningful authentic beauty ritual and experience how it will change your life.

Hand of Fatima @ Henna Huddle - Photo by Danielle Segui

National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

I actively propagate and safeguard the practition of Moroccan Henna Art and therefor I ‘m an ambassador of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2014. Henna Art was added to the National Inventory of Intangible and Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands due to my safeguarding plans. This Inventory charts Intangible Heritage and helps communities and artisans to safeguard their traditions and preserve them for future generations.
The compilation of the National Inventory is one of the obligations the Netherlands undertook to fulfill when the UNESCO Convention for the safeguarding  of Intangible Cultural Heritage was ratified.


I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture


I feel so grateful and extremely happy because i can join at Fatima's webinar and it's free too😁 first of all i want to say thank you so much for your webinar, it's so inspiring. and when i followed this webinar, i little bit confused because my English is bad🙂 but I'll keep studying and trying what i have learnt at Fatima's webinar. i got new experiences and new words, like the history of Moroccan Henna, the traditional and why this style is unique 😁 that's so meaningful as a beginner like me😊 and I'm so enjoyed during the class, but several times got confused too because I heard new words that i haven't heard before 😁 Fatima as a good as teacher i have known, im enjoyed the class because she's so funny😂😁 and over all i really enjoyed and happy during the webinar❤️ love it❤️ Thank you

🙏🏻 may Allah bless and keeping your family❤️ stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy and stay at home with the H factor 😁🤭

Putri Istakhulilah Nur'Aini
Purbalingga, Middle of Java, Indonesia
- Henna by putri_ista -

Fatima Oulad Thami is a true artist and a great person! I know her as a friend and working with her is a treat. This time I experienced Fatima as a teacher and it was fun! She also has a lot of interesting info on Henna, and she knows how to help you to live the Henna experience. If I do have the H-factor? Hehe, I do not know, but I do love it! By the way Fatima did a more than beautiful henna for the cover of my latest cd: NanoSecond...

Fatima-Zohra Buurman
Den Haag, The Netherlands
- Zohra Art (formerly) - 

I enjoyed the webinar very much. I have met with Fatima in the past so to me, it felt like meeting an old friend again. I had a strong feeling of connection with Fatima and the community despite the Zoom platform. I really appreciate Fatima's passion for the art and its tradition as well as her skills. The webinar made me contemplate on what I do, why I do it and inspired me to pick up my henna cone after some weeks of not painting with it amd I feel grateful for having been able to participate. Thank you.

Helena Pecháčková
Prague, Czechia
- Henna Helena -

I enjoyed the workshop a lot, because Fatima always brings us relevant information about the henna culture essence, what makes understand what is the henna message to our contemporary days.

Rosana Araújo Neves
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Rosana Mehandi -

I enjoyed it so much. Fatima is outstanding. Amazing woman with lot of energy and love, big smile and great seanse to explain. My feeling of henna is very similar to hers. I was fascinated by old symbolism. I wish to learn more about it. 

Tereza Bory
Dobříš, Czech republic 
- Malování hennou -

Fatimas energy is something you have to experience. She is such a wonderful teacher, warm and inviting and absolutely fun. She took us on a journey through the rich tradition of Moroccan henna, the intentions and meaning behind the beautiful designs that we all love. If you want to experience soul transcending, I highly recommend learning from Fatima.

Almasa Šutković
Istanbul, Turkey
- Body Art by Almasa -


I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture


The webinar was so great! First of all I would like to say that Fatima spreads some energy that is magical, makes you feel comfortable and her laugh is contagious. What I loved the most is she reminded us that henna is not only the design itself but other factors that have the same importance or even more. What stuck on my mind was the symbolism behind the symbols and how we transmit it through the customer's experience. And for sure the sisterhood, to be grateful to be part to this community.

Leïla Lil
Ibiza, Spain
- Lil Henna Ibiza -

Fatima. I had a good time watching the webinar. I have the H factor for sure. I learnt any things like henna is not just art it's a connection and community over everything!! We all get better each day and our only competition is ourselves.
Learning from a master is super important when we are struggling with something related to henna businesses as they have all been through the basics and they can teach us the best way!
I feel Fatima is really sweet in her talks and makes us feel special and engaged in her words. She definitely gives confidence and pushes us to do better insha Allah.
Thank you❤

Asma Syed
Dallas, Texas (USA)
- Hennahouseasma -

I extremely enjoyed it, as always is so nurturing to keep these old practices alive. We should be way less "arogant" and nurture many old traditions as they contain special knowledge. I love to participate your classes also becouse You have so much knowledge, you keep it straight and staying focused on traditional way of henna and you are very strict about it. I would like to know more, especialy about the symbolism and meaning of it. So I hope we meet again. I am so grateful to meet you ♡

Apolonija Pezdirnik
- - -


I'm ready to learn about the different principles that exist in Moroccan Henna Culture